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Products in Manhole Covers and Grates: Showing 1 36 of 229 products. Clark Drain 5 Tonne GPW Steel Manhole Cover and Frame 600 x 450 x 30mm. (1) £26.95 incl VAT. Aquascape Polyconcrete 125mm Galvanised Edge Channel Drain C250. £84.95 incl VAT. Add to basket. Aquascape Polyconcrete 125mm Cast Iron Edge End Plate 110mm Outlet C250. £69.95 incl VAT. Add to basket. Aquascape Polyconcrete 125mm Stainless Steel Edge Shallow End Plate C250. £22.96 incl VAT. Add to basket.

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ACO MultiDrain M150DS Stainless Steel B125 Channel Drain Grate 1000mm More Options. £344.57 incl VAT. View options. ACO MultiDrain M200D Galvanised Steel C250 Heelguard Mesh Channel Drain Grate More Options. £246.26 incl VAT. View options. ACO S100 Ductile Iron F900 Channel Drain Grate 500mm More Options. Sort By. 600mm x 600mm Flat Ductile Iron Gully Grating: D400. £268.94. 300mm x 300mm Dished Ductile Iron Gully Grate: C250. £70.58. 750mm x 750mm Ductile Iron Manhole Cover Frame: D400. £452.96. 750mm x 750mm Ductile Iron Manhole Cover Frame: B125. £331.80. Cast i Iron trench drain grates can be cast in a variety of grades and each class of iron has several grades. Generally these are unimportant to the designer as long as the iron grate can reach the required loading. Cast iron grates are governed by AASHTO M105 class 35B or ASTM A48 Class 35B. Ductile irons are governed by ASTM A536. ACO M150DS Sump C/W Bucket Stainless Steel Rail 500mm D400. £481.04 incl VAT. Add to basket. Aquascape Polyconcrete 125mm Galvanised Edge Channel Drain D400. £105.95 incl VAT. Add to basket. ACO Universal Gully with Iron Gully Grid and Bucket D400 Loading. £804.31 incl VAT. Add to basket. A15 Pedestrian B125 Driveway Drain Grates. C250 Car Park Road Drain Grates. D400 Main Road Traffic Drain Grates. E600 F900 Heavy Duty Drain Grates. Products in Drain Grates: Showing 1 36 of 55 products. ACO Hexdrain and Raindrain Galvanised Steel Grating 1m. (49) £9.90 incl VAT. Road gullies. Road gullies collect surface water from the road, and into the drainage system where it is then taken to a watercourse, storm drain or soakaway. Road gullies havebination outlets to twinwall connections, which makes them a flexible solution for a wide range of applications, from airports and motorways to car parks and car The ductile iron cover has a high load-bearing class, and has excellent drainage capacity and self-cleaning performance. It is suitable for areas with high load-bearing capacity, such as fire lanes, airports, stations and other places that large vehicles pass over. It can be used with varied materials of different hardness. The appearance is simple and beautiful, which meets the EN1433 standard.

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12 x 12 305mm x 305mm 13mm 1/2 Thick Square Cast Iron Gully Grid/Grate Heavy Duty Drain Cover Black Satin Finish. Deliveries to Mainland UK ONLY. 9. £4195. Get it Friday, Apr 29 Saturday, Apr 30. FREE Delivery. Cast iron drainage grates, there are 6 different class according to EN124 standard, it`s A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900. Different loading class means different application. Normally, A15, B125, C250 for pavement, depestrain, park; D400 E600 for main road and highway; E600-F900 for airport, dock. Group. Loading class. A storm grate’s first job is to move surface water into the sewer system. The size and shape of the grating is what determines their hydraulic efficiency. Varying situations change the rate of flow of a grate: a drainage grate at the bottom of a pool processes water differently than one on the side of the road. Drainage Grates. Type Load Rating All Class A (4) Class B (7) Class C (5) Class D (11) Class G (2) Heavy duty (7) Light duty (8) none (5) Medium duty (2) Material Cast Iron (18) Galvanised Steel (26) Plastic Coated Steel (1) Precast Concrete (4) Stainless Gully gratings are covered by the BS EN 124 standard which explains the differences in class (A15 F900) and group (1 6). This standard replaced BS 497 in 1994. Class denotes the static load of a grating; for example, a C250 grating can withstand a 250kN (25 tonne) static test load. But in areas of slow and fast moving heavy traffic, such as Extensive Range; From Surface And Underground Drainage To Guttering And Waste Systems. See our Exclusive Bulk Deals. We cannot be beaten on Quality or Price. Shop Online Or Call We make decorative trench grates in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit preformed drain channels. Take our Locust 5” x 20” grates, for example, shown installed in aco.usa K100 #drainagechannel. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to transform your drainage from utilitarian to artistic focal point. • • •

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Products in Commercial Floor Gullies: Showing 1 36 of 228 products. Shower Drain Vertical Gully Stainless Steel 145 x 145mm 50mm. £154.26 incl VAT. Add to basket. Shower Drain Horizontal Circle Gully Stainless Steel 155mm 50mm. £110.11 incl VAT. Add to basket. Shower Drain Adjustable Gully Stainless Steel 145 x 145mm 110mm. Products in Manhole Covers and Grates: Showing 1 36 of 71 products. EJ Cast Iron Slide Out Manhole Cover and Frame B125 Class More Options. (1) £99.95 incl VAT. Manufacturer: Clark Drain. Product Code: CD 128 KMC. Accreditation: BS-EN 124. Material: Ductile Iron. Loading: Load Rating C 250. Diameter: Internel Opening 336mm (L) x 308mm (W) Diameter: External Opening 480mm (L) x 393mm (W) Diameter: Clear Opening 336mm x 308mm (For 300 Diameter Gully. Depth: 75mm. We supply the gully grates to remove surface water efficiently, to ultimately prevent flooding. As with any of the products that we supply at Build Plumb Plastics, the Read More. 2 Items. Sort By: C250 Yard Gully Grate 336 x 308mm Opening (B6302) (3) £94.62 £78.85. Cast Iron Grating (40 Tonne)

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