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Call McNICHOLS® about our Plank Grating products. We carry GRIP STRUT, PERF-O GRIP, TRACTION TREAD, DIAMONDBACK, GRATE-LOCK and more in a variety of materials, gauges, and sizes. Applications include catwalks, walkways, and mezzanines. Stock planks or fabricated at our 19 locations. Contact us today. Diamond Safety Grip Grating/Safety Diamond Plank Grating, Find Details about Safety Grating Walkway, Grip Strut Safety Grating Catalog from Diamond Safety Grip Grating/Safety Diamond Plank Grating Hebei Hangjin Wire Mesh Products

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Expanded metal catwalk grating is heavy-duty expanded metal that is turned to create a slip-resistant, long elevated walkway. This grating product is a lightweight option available in galvanized or carbon steel. What is grating platform? Platform grating is ideal for offshore and industrial use. Platform grating,posed of several pieces of M. c. NICHOLS. ®. Plank Grating (Safety Grating) Heavy-Duty Plank. Heavy-Duty Planks are typically selected when more substantial loading requirements or longer spans are significant considerations. Their one-piece construction feature makes them structurally sound and efficient. McNICHOLS® Heavy-Duty Planks carry the GRIP STRUT ® trade Advantages of Grip Strut™ Safety Grating: Open diamond pattern allows for the drainage of fluids, mud, chips, and other accident-causing debris through floor grating and stair treads. Range of widths from 4-3/4 to 36. Grip Strut™ safety metal grating walkways meet OSHA requirements for toe boards on elevated structure. Heavy Duty Grating 3 Diamond Plank — 13-3/4” Width. Heavy Duty Grating 5 Diamond Plank — 23-1/4” Width. Heavy Duty Grating 6 Diamond Plank — 27-3/4” Width. Heavy Duty Grating 8 Diamond Plank — 36” Width . Supplying All Your Grating Needs. Marco is proud to provide the mostprehensive line of safety grating products including A versatile, one-piece metal plank, Grip Strut is manufactured with unique diamond shaped openings and formed side channels. Maximum, multi-directional slip resistance is provided by a heavily serrated, diamond matrix walking surface that enhances workplace safety. With approximately 35% open area, fluids and ice easily pass through the grating. 2-Diamond planks 43/4 width 10-Diamond walkway 24 width Values tabulated for 8-diamond and 10-diamond grating: Allowable Uniform load (U) Values are given in the rows labeled “U” and are the lowest of . the (1) maximum allowable unifor Diamond safety grating plank has serrated diamond holes with different numbers. The serrated surface can supply outstanding anti-slip resistance and the diamond holes can ensure the good air circulation and drainage performance. Diamond safety grating plank has different diamond quantities to suit different applications. Commonly, it can be 2

Channel Grating

Channel Grating. Channel Grating is a one-piece metal plank grating that is manufactured by cold forming Steel or Aluminum into the shape of a channel. The walking surface, has large diamond or round holes that are punched and formed through the plank to create a grip surface and to allow for the dissipation of water and debris. Diamond Walkway Grating 10 Diamond Walkway — 24” Width. Diamond safety grating is available in a walkway. A Diamond safety grating walkway can provide a sturdy, slip-resistant surface that is ideally suited for interior or exterior locations where ice, snow, oil, grease, detergent, or other slippery materials pose a constant safety hazard. Grip Strut Grating is a one-of-a-kind plank grating sporting a hefty 24 foot clear span capability.Heavy Duty Grip Strut Safety Grating products offer the advantages of regular GRIP STRUT plus the capabilities for greater loads and/or longer spans. Channel height available:2”,2 1/2”,3”,4”,5” (walkway) Steel gauge:9GA,10GA,11GA. Available in distinct hexagonal or diamond patterns, standard products are produced with the long way of the opening “spanning” the length (long direction) of the sheet. When considering options for economical walkways, reverse flow Expanded Metal Catwalk Grating is an excellent option. It is produced with the long way of the diamond Diamond Plank Safety Grating Specifications. Standard lengths – 10’ 12’. Type 316 stainless steel available upon special request. Stainless only available in plank form and up to 11 3/4” wide. Relief hole available upon request on 3, 4, 5-diamond planks. Special fabrication, cutting, or specialty configurations available upon request. Diamond-Strut walkway safety grating fabricated with integral toe-boards provides non-slip, economical and maintenance-free options for long span walkways. 10-Diamond diamond strut grating (24 inches wide) is the standard option for most industrial walkways including suspended walkways or conveyor catwalks. Available in mill-galvanized plain Grip Strut® Walkway Channels. Grip Strut walkway channels use the same open diamond matrix of standard Grip Strut planks. This safe walking surface allows for draining of liquids, passage of debris, and excellent slip resistance in all directions. Grip Strut Walkway features: 10-Diamond 24” width. 4-1/2” side toe board.

Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Carbon Steel Catwalk Grating provides economical solutions for ramps, flooring, platforms, walkways, treads and other applications requiring a lightweight product. With the long way of the diamond running across a shorter span (width), Catwalk Grating can carry heavier loads in its applied state. The next time you head down the highway and pass by a billboard, look up—you are Diamond-Strut safety grating provides maximum slip-resistance in all directions and used in industrial platforms, walkways, catwalks, stair treads to name a few. Read More .Heavy Duty Diamond-Strut walkway grating is superior to standard for its heavier load capability, wider span and larger opening area. Wastewater Treatment Walkway Suspended Catwalk Grating Offshore Painted Catwalk Expanded Metal Catwalk Grating . Supported Catwalk Grating Suspended, Supported, or Self-Supporting Catwalks. Our fabricated catwalks, also known as elevated walkways, can be built to be used indoors or outdoors. They allow access between buildings, over equipment Type 316 stainless steel is available upon special request and stainless is only available in plank form and up to 11 3/4” wide. A relief hole is also available upon request on 3, 4, 5 diamond planks. Diamond Safety Grating Walkway Channels. Diamond grip walkway channels consist of one-piece channels equipped with integral side toe boards

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