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Standard Size Galvanized Steel Grating


Standard Steel Grating (stock mats), length usually from 5800mm to 6000mm, width range from 993mm to 1055mm. Bearing bar size from 203 to 15010. With plain or serrated surface and surface treatment can be galvanized or untreated. Galvanized steel trench grates for extra strength and durability. Available in a variety of sizes view our inventory today! Available in a variety of sizes view our inventory today! 706-445-6406 infothetrenchgratestore

Hot Dipped Steel Bar Grating

Steel material we use meets the Standard of China GB700-88 / ASTM (A36) / BS4306 (43A). This type of standard grating makes good choice for industrial gangway flooring panels and ladders. Common sizes for hot dipped safety grate is 30 × 3mm thick load bearing bars with a pitch of 30mm and traverse bars at 50mm or 100mm. Best pricing on grating for your channels and drainage issues. Our Industrial Solutions For You. Free Shipping On All Orders $299+ +86-13661345373. 36th Floor, Fortune Plaza,7 East 3rd Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020, P.R.CHINA. Durable Safety Standard Welded 30x3 Steel Bar Grating From China. Description: Steel grating is welded by the world first-class equipment,which can arrange the bearing bar and cross bar. in longitude and latitude order to certain distance.cross bar is pressed into the bearing bar by high. tension resistance weldingring which is controlled by Steel Grating: Bearing bar centers: 15-30, 40, 60, 80, 90 mm etc. with 30, 40 mm rmended. Cross bar centers: any greater than 30mm is ok. with 50, 100mm rmended. Overview Quick Details Warranty: 1 Year After-sale Service: Online technical support, Return and Replacement Project Solution Capability: graphic design, total solution for p Steel Grating Ltd can supply any Mild Steel gratings with a light gauge mesh welded to the top side or underside of our grating to prevent small objects and tools from falling through the grating to areas below. When a light gauge mesh with the dimensions of LWD 30mm x SWD 12mm (1622F) is used, thisplies with AS1657 clause4.5.

Galvanized Steel Grating,Platform Grating,Serrated Galvanised

Common grating dimensions: 1 x 1/8 x 36 x 24. Sheets of Galvanized Grating. Details: Sheet dimensions: 2400mm load bar length. 1200mm sheet width. Thickness: 32mm x 5 Flat bar. Galvanized Steel Platform Grating Grid Safety Mats / Mattress. 32x5 45kg per square meter, including fastening mat. Themon specifications of I type steel grating sizes as follows: 40x5x3, 32x5x3, Closed Bar Grating. The closed bar is usually used in the ditch cover plate, the stair treads, the boiler Open Steel Grating. 1mx6m and 5.8mx1m with opening gratings are the most standard platform size, and it is Our galvanized steel stair treads are essentially press-locked grating with welded-on sketch plates on both sides and equipped with an anti-slip perforated profile. They are ideal for industrial, residential and office building applications, both indoors and outdoors. We can offer a large selection of standard sizes available directly from our Quality steel grating standard sizes products list steel grating standard sizes Provided by Manufacturers Wholesalers from China. hot dipped galvanized, polish Bearing bar widththickness 25x3,25x4,30x3,30x4,30x5,32x5,40x5,50x5,..75x10mm Bear Hot dip galvanized steel grating is the best choice for steel platforms in airports. Grating with 30 × 3 mm thick load bearing bars with a pitch of 30 mm and traverse bars at 50 mm or 100 mm is the suitable one. Steel grating, with robust design and spanning abilities, is very strong and safe for the support of floors and elevated walkway. Standard gratings are typically available in 6m x 1m or 20′ x 3′ panels. They can be produced with almost anybination of pitch size. Mostmonly this is 41mm x 100mm or 30mm x 100mm. Load bearing bars of width 20mm to 100mm and thickness 2mm to 10mm can be used. Bars can be plain or with a serrated edge finish of various depths. Free UK delivery on eligible orders. Get proper supplies for your projects now! Read customer reviews find best sellers

Standard Steel Grating – Large Sizes for Flooring, Platform

Standard steel grating is ideal for platforms and flooring. Standard steel grating,monly refers to welded steel grating in large sizes. Easy fabrication and high loads structure is widely used as steel grating platform, walkway, bridge decking and flooring. Carbon steel or galvanized steel material options. Cutout or toe plates are optional. After galvanizing, the steelwork is immediately dipped is a quench solution which contains additives to prevent the formation of wet storage staining or “white rust S teel grating sidewalk drainage grating cover plate/drainage steel grating standard size : Name: Steel grating sidewalk drainage grating cover plate/drainage steel grating : Material: high-intension carbon steel carbon and galvanized iron plate: Cross Bar Pitch: 24-200mm,30,38,50,76,100mm are rmended: Bear Bar Pitch: 1.590mm of which 20 Galvanised Mild Steel Grating 250mm(W)-Concrete drain with GI Grating cover 150mm(W)-Concrete drain with GI grating cover Mild steel grating-65 x 9 M.S Flat 30mm c/c w/drim hot-dipped Galv. M.S Bar 85mm. O.C. 400mm(W)-RC drain with GI grating cover (external drain) Galvanized Grating, Serrated, ASTM A36/ SS400. Details specifications following

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