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The 10 metre wide gate was made up of two bi-folding leaves and a separate pedestrian entrance with push pad panic latch. Infill panels of DemiMetro-66 grating, with a robust 30x4mm bearing bar, were bolted within a 120x80mm RHS frame. The gate was made from marine grade stainless steel AISI316 with a brushed finish (240 grit). Graepels, UK have a long-standing tradition of producing high quality products, and have been manufacturing perforated metal and woven mesh products for more than 57 years. Established in 1959, Graepels are specialists in bespoke metal design. As an EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company within the UK, quality is at the core of our manufacturing

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Torino-33: 132×33 mm (c/c) Torino-44: 132×44 mm (c/c) Standard Panel Heights: 935, 1199, 1331, 1463, 1727, 1991 mm. Standard Panel Width: 1992 mm. Posts: RHS or Flat Bar. In addition to standard sizes, panels can be ordered to non-standard heights and widths. Taller fence heights are achieved by an arrangement of stacked panels. 1-1/4” x 3/16” 316 Bar Grating, Welded. 2’-6 wide x 30’ length. Structure: 1-1/4” x 3/16” bar grating, smooth or spiral twist surface. SS Materials and Selecting: The mostmon material for SS grating is Type 304 (SUS304), Type 316 (SUS316) or Type 316L (SUS316L), 310 SS is also available. 304 stainless steel is the most popular Model: ALU Grid: Type of aluminium: Serrated Aluminum alloy 6063-T6 Anodized: Internal mat well dept: 44.5 mm. / 50 mm. (Include frame) Rolling Load: 250 kgs. / wheel Pressure welded grating N6 is a walkway grating that satisfies Swedish Standard SS-EN ISO 14122-2 (the Machinery Directive). One requirement satisfied is the one that a ball with a diameter of 20 mm must not be able to fall through the grating. Walkway grating N6 is available in two bearing bar heights, and for each height there are many stock formats that can be delivered immediately. Taller fence heights are achieved by an arrangement of stacked panels. Swing-hinged single or double leaf, bi-folding, pivot and sliding gates are made with matching infill panels. Panels and posts are supplied hot-dip galvanized with an optional polyester powder coating in any RAL colour. All grating fences are made inpliance with BS 1722-14. Highly versatile grating structure is provided in more than fifty standard types and is readily cut or customised to any specific requirement. Popular Standard Panels: Mild Steel, Non Galvanized Open End Standard Bar Grating Panels. 1. Standard grating panel, non-galvanized , open end ; 25x5 pitch 30mm (Plain) and cross bar (twisted bar 6 mm Standard products pallet consist of: 1) Stainless steel wine vessels 2) Flue elements (painted black and stainless steel) and chimneys 3) Steel Gratings Beside production, we are offering all kinds of services like cutting, folding and welding sheet metal. Following the latest trends we procured CNC plasma cutting machine and cutting edge


KEY PRODUCTS. Paige Stainless Fabrications is Australia’s number one manufacturer of stainless steel grates. With a focus on custom fabrication, we supply a number of stainless steel drainage and architectural grating products, as well as supporting products, to the architectural, civil construction, and plumbing industries. Buy from Rawlins' Anti-Slip GRP Grating Products Range, in Assorted Sizes Colour Options. Shop the Full Range Here, With Extensive Anti-Slip GRP Products Anti-Slip Floor Coatings Enamelled aluminum single beam gangway with non-slip surface Gangway made with single beam profile in white amalgamated aluminum Equipped with Teflon wheels, Aisi 316 stainless steel joint and Shipping in 24/48H Roma-4. Roma-4 is the most robust grating fence within the Roma range. It is made with a heavy duty 30x4mm flat bar to provide a high level of perimeter security and resistance to vandalism. For even greater security the Roma-4HS version features close-fixing between the panel and post and can be supplied with optional cranked tops or anti At Your Doorstep Faster Than Ever. 2 Day Free Shipping Over $35 On 1000s of Products!. Businesses Enjoy Business Pricing, Bulk Discounts, and Concierge Service! Inno Viva Home; About Us; Products. ENTRANCE MAT. Alumat ST-150; Alumat HD-200; Aluminum Grating (I-Bar) Gratings for top covering of drainage system, 304 stainless steel gratings , mesh rectangular type, mesh size100mm x 41mm , Load Bar 50 x 5 mm. Grating width 300mm. Grating Length 1400 Linear meters. Material MS , 316 and Fiber glass. 60/60 Angles for above.

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Trash Rack Folding Trash Rack Pump Station Ditch Trash Grid Customized According To Drawings; Alkali Resistant Plastic Steel Grating Panels For Fencing Or Cage Floor yellow or green; ODM Heavy Duty FRP Molded Grating For Tree Pit park; Corrosion Resistance Large Stainless Steel Grill Grates For Driveways Grating wooden walkway Manufactured in aluminum alloy with marine wood grating floor Provided with cast joint, wheels and pivoting pin with hinge for lifting A Walkway without handrail, but Shipping in 24/48H Stainless steel Grade AISI 304 – electrofused grating made from flat bearing bars and twisted square transverse bars. Panels can be manufactured in large sizes with a maximum width of 1000mm. The electrofusion process produces a material withplete integrity which allows it to be cut or shaped. Standard mesh size (c/c): 34×38 mm. Alumat ST-150 is designed for suit with any building with modern design, dirt stopping capability and be able to improve the aesthetics of building. The mate with a variety of colors shades in carpet tread and be able to change the insert material to EPDM, Vinyl, Hard Pile Carpet for outdoor work. All of Alumat ST-150 equipment manufactured

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