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Steel Bar Grating Welded Steel Bar Grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost-efficient production and ease of installation. Universally used in most general industrial plants as well asmercial buildings, it has wide applications as walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates. Quality Stainless Steel Grating manufacturer provide 304 Stainless Galvanized Press Locked Steel Bar Gratings With Mild Steel Material, Anping Tiantai Metal Products from China.

Stainless steel light duty grating is also available for

Materials and Structures: Light duty bar gratings are manufactured from low carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum steel. It is joined at the intersection of the bearing bars and cross bars. Light duty bar grating ranges in size from 3/4 x 3/16 to 2 1/2 x 3/16. Uses: Bearing steel open 30 ° or 45 ° chute, slotted rod steel slotted lock molding press. Depending on the distance required to hand over the other specifications of the grid plate, you can use ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. 4, Heavy-duty grating: high steel and flat steel crossbar bite each other, at 1200 Gratings for top covering of drainage system, 304 stainless steel gratings , mesh rectangular type, mesh size100mm x 41mm , Load Bar 50 x 5 mm. Grating width 300mm. Grating Length 1400 Linear meters. Material MS , 316 and Fiber glass. 60/60 Angles for above. Comprehensive type and broadest range in dimension. 1.1 Material Stainless Steel 1.2 Grating Conformity Standard: YB/T4001, ANSI/NAAMM Read More 2017-11-21 15:18:10 32 x 5 / 30 / 100 Stainless Steel Grating Walkway 304 Plain Bar . ANPING BAOSHENG is hot dip galvanized processing, offers the following advantages: saving materials, saving investment, easy installation, durable in use, light structure, no accumulation of dirt, good performance of ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-corrosive, anti-acid an alkali corrosion. Steel grating ismonly made of flat steel panel and supporting bars welded together with setting spacings. It goes through cutting, opening, edging and other processes. The popular vertical bar grating spacing is 30mm, 40mm or 60mm, horizontal bar grating is 50mm or 100mm normally. Details information please refer to the specification List Stainless Steel Bar Grating Introduction: Stainless steel grid plate is its material is stainless steel grid plate, its production process with ordinary steel grid plate is much the same, but it does not need to use spray paint or hot dip galvanizing and other anti-corrosion treatment, but the need to use surface polishing treatment to get rid

30mm Welded Steel Bar Grating_30mm pitch steel bar grating

Q235 25mm 30mm 32mm 40mm Building Material Galvanized Steel Grating for Platform Description: Welded steel bar grating is the most popular bar grating due to its strength, low cost, and ease of is used in a wide variety of applications including industrial plants,mercial buildings, walkways, platforms, safety barriers, drainage covers and ventilation grates. To specify welded steel grating, first specify the TYPE of grating from the table below. In the instance of standard welded grating, the “W” indicates the assembly of the grating shall be Welded construction, the “19” indicates that the bearing bars shall be 19/16 (1-3/16) inches on center, and the “4” indicates that the cross bars shall be spaced at 4 inches on center. Following 8, for flat steel spacing 60 mm plate can be used 30 mm spacingb clip for raw material production. Welded Steel Grating installation: The connection mode of steel grid plate is fixed and installed with buckle connector, which isposed of three parts. Product name :Serrated Steel Floor Grating Product name Steel grating Cross bar pitch 40- 120mm, 2' ' 4' ' etc Product Steel coil/steel plate/color coil Bearing bar width thickness 25 x 5 x 3,75 x 7 x 4, etc Our products include welded steel bar grating,pound grating, expanded steel grating, heavy duty bar grating, light type steel grating, press- locked bar grating, stair treads and so on. These gratings are available in aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel and galvanized steel materials. Load bar pitch: 30 mm. Open end type with cross Material: High quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. Specification: The space of flat steel is 12mm or 20mm, the spacing of horizontal pole is 30mm or 50mm. Feature: In addition to having the advantage of special appearance form and easy installation, Dense steel gratings also meet the request of special occasion passing through. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Get Proper Supplies for Your Project Now!

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Benefit From Over 30 Years Of Industrial Flange Experience. Call Or Email Us Today! Industrial Flanges In Carbon/Stainless Steels And Other Alloys. 6602310122, 6602310132, 6602310134 McNICHOLS carries Welded Bar Grating, Carbon Steel Hot Rolled, GW 150 Smooth, Welded Construction, 1-1/2 Stocking Distributor Sullivan Steel. Call Us for All of the Details! Domestic VIM-VAR in stock at Sullivan Steel 19W4 Twisted Bar Stainless Steel Grating Support Custom ISO9001 Approval. Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Steel Grating , Round Bar 25 X 5 SS Floor Grating. Walkway Stainless Steel Open Mesh Flooring Twisted Bar Anti Corrosive. Steel Grating Clips. SGS Approval Steel Grating Clips 316L Welded Type 100mm / 50mm M Span. 30 X 3 M Galvanised Grating

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