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Bar gratings according to processing and structures, can be divided into Welded Bar Grating, Pressure Locked and Swage Locked Metal Gratings. Material Grade: ASTM A36, A1011, A569, Q235, S275JR, SS304, SS400, Mild steel Low carbon steel, etc. Surface Treatment: Black, self colour, hot dip galvanized, painted, spray coating. Steel bar grating can be made of different materials including carbon steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel. The different materials have their own characteristics and they are applied into different applications. Different surface type. Steel bar grating has three different surface type: plain style, serrated style and I section style.

Steel Railing

Surface Treatment Choices of Steel Railing Three treatments are offered, including hot-dip galvanization, painting and non-treatment. We rmend galvanization treatment. Available Models Currently, we have the manufacture capacity to produce 18 types of handrail stanchions. Custom service is also accessible. Handrail Bases Stanchions and Rails Stanchion Rail Diameter of ball (mm) Diameter of Vehicle Surfaces: Decking, Bridges and Roadway Grating Bridge and roadway grating is often necessary for reinforcing surfaces. Roadways and bridges take a lot of heavy use, either from constant wear and tear from vehicles or natural forces like heavy rain.. Mild Steel (Low Carbon Steel) or Stainless Steel. 4. Surface Treatment: Untreated, Painting or Hot DIP Galvanizing . 5. Steel grating standards: A) China: YB/T4001-1998 B) USA: ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88) C) UK: BS4592-1987 D) Australia: AS1657-1985 E) Japan: Galvanized Flat Bar And Cross Bar Welded Steel Grating For Platform 1. Hot-dip galvanized steel grating are orthogonallybined with bearing flat steel and cross bar according to a certain spacing and fixed by welding or press locking.Generally speaking.. Product description. Aluminum grating is an ideal choice when corrosion-resistant, lightweight materials that do not affect its load capacity and mechanical strength is required. Made of ASTM B221, 6063 or 6061 alloy, aluminum grating has great versatile and durable and is mainly used for platform ceilings and outdoor curtain walls. Stainless steel grid plate, also known as stainless steel grid plate, is a kind of metal grid products which is welded by stainless steel flat steel and cross bar torsion steel according to a certain distance. There are generally two ways to make stainless steel grating, one is by welding flat steel and round steel, the other is by slotting and inserting pressure lock. Flat steel bar grating is a simple but beautiful mesh grid, surface treatment painting or galvanizing. This type of grating is easy to installation, with strong load bearing capacity. This type of grating is easy to installation, with strong load bearing capacity.

30x30 Smooth Surface Platform Press Locked Bar Grating

High quality 30x30 Smooth Surface Platform Press Locked Bar Grating from China, China's leading platform press locked bar grating product, with strict quality control 30x30 press locked bar grating factories, producing high quality smooth surface press locked bar grating products. With over 20 years of experience and expertise, we offer the mostplete types for customers. If the existing products fail to reach your requirements, we can design and manufacture steel gratings upon request. (1) Regular Steel Bar Grating. Models: 255/30/100, 355/30/100, 303/30/100. Clients: Altamira Petronas Company, Malaysia, 2×360 MW V. Steel Material: Q235 Steel or stainless steel grating. VI. Surface Treatment: Three types available. Please advise if you need the finishing types of the Mild Steel grating: Untreated/ mill black, coated or Hot Dipped Galvanized. Also please note we offer two types of hot dipped zinc plating according to different standards: China standard Hot dip galvanized steel grating is the best choice for steel platforms in airports. Grating with 30 × 3 mm thick load bearing bars with a pitch of 30 mm and traverse bars at 50 mm or 100 mm is the suitable one. Steel grating, with robust design and spanning abilities, is very strong and safe for the support of floors and elevated walkway. The allowed deviation of length is +0/-5mm, while the allowed deviation of width is +/-5 mm. The non-perpendicularity of bearing bar is allowed no more than 10% of width of bearing bar. Cross bar surface should not surpass bearing bar surface 1mm, beginning end of cross bar should not surpass the end surfaces of two sides of grating 2mm. Black Painted Steel Grating is the steel bar grating treated with surface painting against oxidation and prolonged service life. The advantage of painted steel grating is that the exterior color can be diversified, mostly in black painted, also in red, white, blue and gray. The surface treatment of steel grating is generally hot-dip galvanizing products name: steel grating. Surface Treatment: Untreated, Painting or Hot dip Galvanizing. cross bar type: wisted square , square ,round. Cross bar pitch: 24-200mm. Plain Type Metal Walkway Grating , 25 X 5 / 30 X 3 Galvanized Floor Grating. Material: Q

Surface treatment of steel bar grating

Tel: +86-; Mob: +8618652480465; Email: Add: 220 South City Road, New Wu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Let us provide you with upromising service and high quality products. Contact us today. Get in touch to learn about precision perforation and finishing such as anodising Metal Surface Treatment With Great Flexibility Precision. Over 25 Partners in The UK. Metal Cutting With Certified Partners. Precise, Automated Process For Your Metal Parts. Bar Grating Specifications. A proper design for bar gratings includes a determination of material, construction, loading conditions, unsupported clear span, surface treatment, finish, and edge banding. Carefully considering the application and environment will allow the sales staff at Peterson Company to help you select the products that will

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